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Woodlands Primary

opening to critical workers/vulnerable pupils on the 1st June

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Dear Parents /Carers 


Re: opening to critical workers/vulnerable pupils on the 1st June


Thank you for the information you have sent us regarding your critical worker status and your intention for your child to return to school from the 1st June.  Please note the following procedures in place:


Entry/Exit - children to arrive at school for 8.50. Please bring your child in via the left hand gate as you look at the school. Please maintain 2m distance at all times and we request that one parent only accompanies each child. Your child, on the first day, will go with staff into the KS2 playground where they will be organised into ‘bubbles’.  You will then follow the arrows in a U shape and exit via the other gate. They will then stay in these bubbles which have been sorted into  ‘best fit’ by year groups where possible. Signs will be put on each gate. Please respect these to maintain social distancing. 



Please discuss these arrangements with your child giving as much reassurance as possible. Unfortunately, in order to maintain safety, whilst staff can give verbal reassurance, we will not be able to physically intervene, if your child is too distressed then we would recommend that you take the home and try them the next day. There will be staff available and we will be offering as much verbal reassurance and support as we are able.


Your child may either have a packed lunch or have a packed lunch provided at school (this will continue to be free to KS1, key worker and vulnerable pupils at present) . Please ensure packed lunches have packets that are already opened or have containers that the child can open independently. Please ensure you update the school office with any dietary requirements. Please ensure your child is well equipped for being outdoors - a sunhat, suncream applied as we will not be administering this, and a full water bottle. At present we would like your child to wear school uniform , but they will not need to wear a tie. If your child has long hair we recommend it is tied back to ensure your child is not touching his/her face. Your child may bring their PE kit in if they are able to get changed independently. No lace up trainers, unless your child can lace them independently.  Your child will not need to bring anything else into school. If and when any of these arrangements change we will notify you in advance. 


Each child will have their own desk in their teaching group, which they will use daily. We will provide all they need for schoolwork.


The Behaviour Policy will continue to apply. An addendum has been issued to cover the CV-19 period which states clearly that the school reserves the right to ask parents to keep their child at home if they cannot or will not comply with the school’s behaviour rules plus health and safety measures, and are putting staff, other pupils or themselves at risk. 


Pupil groups will not exceed 15. Groups will work in the same classroom with dedicated staff teams. Pupils will have their own checklist reminding them of health and safety points including social distancing, hygiene, handwashing, sanitiser, pathways around the building, etc. Groups will have staggered playtimes and dedicated playground areas; no one will be allowed to use the outdoor equipment. Staff will wear PPE for illness/first aid and toileting accidents. 


If your child requires the use of an inhaler please contact the school office - they will need to be able to administer this safely themselves. We will be unable to administer any medication. 


Please ensure that your child is collected from school at 3.10. The system of collection is the same as bringing into school - you enter (one parent per family) through the left hand gate, collect your child and then exit through the other gate. Staff will be available to support. Please note that you will need to email or use your class normal email if you have any queries or to provide communication. We will not be able to hold conversations at drop off /collections, in order to promote social distancing and maintain everyone’s safety.


Please also note that parents will not be allowed to enter the school office during pick up/drop off times. As more children are reintegrated back into school we must reduce the risk by ensuring minimal people on site. Cars will not be allowed on site  between 8.30-9.30 and 2.30 -3.30. This includes taxis.


Please note, as mentioned in our previous letter dated 21st May, that in order to ensure a thorough weekly deep clean in addition to the daily regular thorough cleans, we will be closing at 12.00 on a Friday. This will mean that your child will need to be collected at 12.00 using the same collection procedure. 


Please do not send your child into school if they are ill or have a cough, high temperature, as per the NHS and Public Health England guidelines. If a child falls ill at school, we will isolate him/her and contact you urgently for immediate collection. In line with NHS guidelines, the child will then need to self-isolate for a period of 14 days, or until tested negative. If a child or adult tests positive for CoVid-19, then the whole teaching group must be sent home and all children/adults must self-isolate for 14 days.