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HRB staff support pupils on a daily basis with their individual audiology needs. This may involve checking functional hearing, maintaining personal and classroom hearing equipment,  or trouble-shooting equipment issues as they arise. The school works with the South Gloucestershire Sensory Support Service to ensure we provide the best quality care.


Our aim is for all HRB pupils to develop independence, so that they can:

  • Understand their deafness and what it means for them

  • Feel confident when explaining their deafness to others

  • Be able to self-advocate: know what they need and ensure they have their needs met

  • Manage their personal and classroom hearing equipment independently

Our newly-launched Pathway to Independence in Audiology programme enables us to support HRB pupils to develop this independence, at a stage and pace appropriate to them. Pupils are allocated termly targets and work with staff and parents to achieve these targets.