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Total communication

Developing pupils’ communication skills is a priority.  We use a total communication approach, using a number of methods of communication depending on the learning taking place and the needs of the child. Therefore, speech can be supported with signing, pictures, symbols, gestures, or the written word, as appropriate.

Word Aware TreeWord Aware

Woodlands follows the Word Aware approach. This approach, developed by Speech and Language therapists, encourages vocabulary development across the curriculum, in all situations. New concepts and vocabulary are reinforced in visual, concrete ways, helping children to secure words in their long-term memory. Word Aware is particularly beneficial for HRB pupils by giving them opportunities to learn in a way which does not rely on listening alone.

Speech and language

HRB staff work closely with speech and language therapists to support pupils’ speech and language development. Depending on the needs of the individual pupil, this could involve 1-1 work directly with the therapist. This work is then continued by HRB staff in regular speech and language lessons. Where pupils do not receive 1-1 direct input, advice from a speech and language therapist on ways to promote speech and language development is always available.