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Daily Challenges

Welcome to the Daily Challenge Page

Each week we will have a set of daily challenges for you to try and complete. You only need to do one a day but some challenges may need a little bit of preparation. So, if you want to, you could do them in any order - it's up to you.

Once completed, take a picture of your work (there should not be any faces visible in the photo, please) and email it to your Class Email address. We will then try to share some of them on our website and social media pages, along with our LIVE STREAM show called 'TWi Friday', launching on Friday 3rd April.


Challenges this week

Monday 30th - 3rd April 2020 - (Save your recycling for Friday's Challenge)

Monday - 30th March 

  • create a sunshine poster to display in your window

Tuesday - 31st March

  • Finish the sentence - with words or a picture (more details on the day)

Wednesday - 1st April

  • 3 Word Wednesday - What THREE words describe your day 

Thursday - 2nd April

  • Fitness Challenge! Tune in on Thursday to see what the challenge entails

Friday - 3rd April

  • Junk modelling challenge - Tune in on Friday to find out what the theme will be.



Thursday: 26th March

Paint a rainbow


Friday:  27th March

  • Obscure reading places around home. Find unusual and weird places to sit with a book and take a pic of you in that place! Be creative!