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HRB Lessons

Teacher of the deaf lessonTeacher of the deaf lessons

All pupils have access to the Teacher of the deaf and have 1:1 lessons. How regularly this takes place depends on their profile of need: children may have lessons regularly every week, or they may have a block of lessons as needs arise. 

Lessons are personalised to the pupil and will always aim to make progress towards outcomes outlined in a pupil’s EHC plan. Regular formal and informal assessment allows for progress to be tracked over time.

Areas of focus

Possible areas of focus for lessons might include:

  • Supporting classroom learning

  • Exploring deaf identity

  • Social skills and understanding of social expectations

  • Speech and language development

Pre and post teaching

Frequent pre and post teaching is an essential component when supporting deaf children:

  • By anticipating the learning that is to come, HRB staff can ensure that any gaps in knowledge or vocabulary are addressed so that pupils can participate fully in lessons.

  • By consolidating learning that has taken place, HRB staff can ensure that new concepts and vocabulary are retained.

Lego therapySocial and emotional skills

HRB staff support pupils’ social, emotional and collaborative skills through programmes such as:

  • Zones of regulation

  • Social skills

  • Lego therapy

Support lessons often involve HRB pupils working alongside their classmates in a small group, and therefore these lessons foster friendships.