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In the classroom

HRB supportCurriculum

We have the highest expectations for all pupils with a place in the HRB. Pupils follow the same curriculum as their mainstream peers and spend most of their time in their year group classrooms. However, pupils are supported in class and in the resource base by specialist support and teaching from HRB staff. How much specialist support they receive from the HRB depends on individual need.


Staff have regular deaf awareness training, and all teachers know how to optimise learning for deaf pupils in their class. Key principles are summarised in our HRB ‘Ordinary MAGIC’ golden rules, ensuring consistency from all staff working with a deaf child. 

Classroom environment

Creating favourable acoustic environments and monitoring noise levels  is considered carefully in all classrooms. Soundfield systems - which evenly distribute sound in a room - have been installed in all classrooms where there are deaf learners. Many HRB pupils use radio aids in the classroom to optimise their ability to hear the teacher above any background noise. HRB staff support teachers and pupils to use radio aids successfully.