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Local Study

Children at Woodlands Primary  have returned to school during September to begin a study of Yate past and present. Subjects being investigated include the mining industry, the railways and Kingsgate Park.

Year 6 pupils exploring historical maps


Year 2 children experiencing mining

Children have been fascinated by the local topic and were amazed to discover through the use of old maps and photographs that there used to be an airport on the outskirts of the town, and that bombs fell in the area during World War 2, It is hoped that by using old maps and photographs ( courtesy of the Yate Heritage Centre), children will learn new skills and be able to learn more about the town in which they live.

Year 2 children designing their own coat of arms after studying the Yate coat of arms


Bringing history and geography to their doorstep has been really interesting and will help them to have a greater understanding when studying other areas and countries.


The local area during WW2