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Woodlands Primary

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Family drop off/Pick up

We will be offering a waiting zone for any parents with more than one child who wish to wait socially distancing on site. This will be a zoned area of the KS2 playground. The alternative is to wait off site. Unfortunately we will be unable to accommodate collecting any siblings early at this time. The drop off/collection will be an extended version of the procedures that have been in place for wider opening. Staff will be available to direct on arrival. 


We would still like to encourage all parents to communicate via email/ Edmodo or by phone. We will not be able to have long conversations during drop off and pick up. Please only enter the office if you have made an appointment. 

Class teachers can be contacted via their class email address: (e.g. or their class Edmodo 

Woodlands school office will be continuing to monitor the email address: and would recommend this as a first point of contact for them. Alternatively you can call the school office on 01454 866535.