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Our Writing Journey

Planning the journey

English lessons are planned using the AREs (Age Related Expectations) as guidance. These AREs decide the skills that need to be taught for each year group and ensure that planning is thorough, progressive and purposeful. The AREs are laid out in milestones so that only a selection are covered per term (however there is flexibility within this). They have been grouped according to their importance (with key grammar skills being embedded first) and through genre base (non-fiction/fiction grouped together).

What does the writing journey look like?

  • It is a three week unit (15 lessons)

  • It focuses on building skills towards an end focus

  • The Learning Objectives are specific and linked to AREs identified in the milestone

It begins with an engaging opening experience to generate rich vocabulary and phrases to is used throughout the unit. Following that, a SPaG _Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lesson is taught with a follow-up task to ‘try’ the skill taught. Then there will be a short writing task to ‘use’ the skill taught and finally, a final piece of longer writing to ‘prove’ the skills taught

A SPaG task:

A short writing task:

A long writing task: