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Parent Information


At Woodlands HRB, we recognise the importance of working closely with parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for HRB pupils. Communication with parents is ongoing. Parents can contact HRB staff at any point during the school day, and in person meetings can be arranged as required. If pupils arrive at Woodlands by taxi, communication books assist dialogue between school staff and parents. 

Target setting

Parents are informed of individual support targets, which are set for children throughout the year, and each child’s EHC plan is reviewed annually. EHC plan outcomes are agreed jointly by the child, parents, school staff and any associated professionals, so that outcomes reflect priorities both at school and at home.

Mission statement

If you are considering applying for a place for your child at Woodlands HRB, we appreciate this can be a difficult decision. Please do contact the school if you require any further information or would like to visit us. A helpful summary of our HRB approach can be found in our Mission Statement, which can be downloaded here: