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Woodlands Primary

Why Choose Woodlands

Why choose Woodlands Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB)?


The Woodlands HIRB caters for pupils with varying degrees of hearing loss, all of whom have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. 

We recognise that choosing the right school for your child can be a difficult decision, which is why the Woodlands HIRB team makes three simple promises to every pupil with a place in our specialist base:


Pupils will make outstanding progress. 

  • In addition to pupils receiving quality teaching in class, they will also have access to specialist provision, including:

    • Tailored support and intervention lessons from a Teacher of the Deaf, and from Teaching Assistants trained in assisting pupils with a hearing impairment.

    • A total communication approach - incorporating signing, gestures and speech to support learning.

    • An acoustically-treated intervention room in the HIRB.

    • Access to support from outside agencies - for example, Speech and Language specialists.


Pupils will be fully included in the life of the mainstream primary school.

  • Pupils with a place in the HIRB are largely taught alongside their mainstream peers.

  • Regular training means that staff are deaf aware; staff make adjustments to their classroom delivery so that all pupils can fully participate in lessons.

  • Consideration of classroom acoustics, and soundfield systems, optimise hearing conditions in classrooms.

  • Whole-school deaf awareness events enable wider school pupils to have a greater understanding of what it means to have a hearing impairment.


Pupils will feel part of the HIRB team, developing a sense of their deaf identity.

  • Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their hearing technology during daily audiology checks, promoting independence.

  • Social time together in the HIRB, including a weekly HIRB club, increases pupils’ sense of togetherness.

  • Social skills groups further pupils’ social language skills and confidence.

  • Whole-school deaf awareness events encourage pupils to build confidence when speaking about their deaf identity.