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Online Safety

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Children live in a world that is so connected to the Internet they don’t often realise that they are ‘online’. So our curriculum is designed to embed an appropriate approach to personal safety when using digital technologies.

Online Safety is broadening to Digital Safeguarding to reflect being aware of the nature of the possible threats that we all could encounter whilst engaging in activity through the Internet, these could be security threats, protecting and managing your personal data, online reputation management, and avoiding harmful or illegal content.

It isn’t about scaremongering, it isn’t about criticism and chaos, it’s about focusing on the positive and enriching side of digital life whilst recognising its challenges and how to best approach them.

However, if you discover any content that you feel is harmful in any way, please click the button above to report it! You can also find more information about keeping safe online on the links below.

Think You Know Great advice to keep children safe whilst using the internet.

CEOP News and articles surrounding internet safety.

Thank you.