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The curriculum is much more than just lessons.  It includes the ethos, attitudes and relationships which create the high quality life in all of our schools.  Our aim is to provide a broad balanced and extensive curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of every young person and leaves them well prepared for their future.

We organise the curriculum by teaching our pupils in seven week modules of work. Each module starts with an assessment of what each pupil already knows and where there are misconceptions.  This information is used to inform the teachers planning and subsequent teaching.  Marking is an active part of lessons, however, in the middle of a module teachers will evaluate each pupil’s progress and provide guidance for the remainder of the module.  At the end of the module, each pupil will be assessed on the learning that has taken place in previous weeks.  We will communicate this information to you in the form of a simple Progress Report.  This will be repeated in all subjects and for all modules throughout the year.  At the end of each year, all pupils will complete standardised tests which will be reported in a similar way.

The curriculum in Key Stage 3 is organised in ability bands.  In core subjects students are set and in practical subjects students normally work in mixed ability groups. This enables us to focus our teaching and support every child as a learner, challenging them to achieve at the highest level.  Students are observed and assessed regularly to ensure the accuracy of their banding and progression through the bands is common.  Year 7 and Year 8 focuses on giving every child the widest experience possible across the arts, languages, humanities and technical subjects whilst maintaining a strong focus on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, RE and PE.  This enables students to make an informed choice at the end of Year 8, when they narrow their curriculum in preparation for their external exams at the end of Key Stage 4.

In Key Stage 4 the curriculum for students in Year 10 and Year 11 is a mixture of both core and optional subjects and is structured to allow for maximum flexibility of choice.  Most students will follow courses leading to 10 GCSEs although alternative vocational courses are available in school.  A booklet giving details of all courses is produced and an options evening is held in Year 9 to explain the guided choice process.

Throughout their time with us our young people study a dynamic Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Citizenship programme.  The course is targeted to the age and stage of the young people and supplemented by five focused days across the school year.  The programme includes a breadth of areas of study from Sex and Relationships Education to Politics and includes preparation for examinations and quality careers information for each young person.  All elements combine to help students grow and become confident adults and future global citizens.