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Ignite your curiosity – understand the world.

At Woodlands, we recognise how each child has their own individual learning style, that is why we value developing understanding and gathering scientific evidence through lots of different ways.

  • We are very lucky to have large school grounds to allow us to take our learning outside. Located around the school are our class trees which we are learning to be able to identify and describe. From Nursery to Key Stage Two, we use the outdoors to allow learning to be purposeful, such as studying local wildlife and looking at natural sources of light.
  • We ensure first-hand experiences underpin scientific investigation. This enables the development of scientific skills including predicting, hypothesising and evaluating. 
  • As we follow a knowledge-based curriculum, we also recognise that secondary sources can be vital for more complexed research, such as learning about an existing scientist. An example of how we do this is through a Read2Learn approach. Children will be immersed in high-quality texts, taking ownership of their own learning through the skill of reading.

Learning through these ways shapes inquisitive, independent, and resourceful scientists.


Below are a few examples of books and websites that your child might like. This will support them to further their learning or stimulate meaningful scientific conversation:

Early Years/KS1:

  • Slow Down: Bring Calm to A Busy World With 50 Nature Stories by Rachel Williams
  • The Secret Sky Garden by Linda Sarah
  • The Extra Ordinary Gardener by Sam Boughton
  • Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories by Kate Pankhurst.
  • See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes
  • Tadpoles Promise by Jeanne Willis


  • Home Lab by Robert Winston
  • What’s inside? by Thames & Hudson
  • How the World Works by Christiane Dorion

There are lots of simple and quick science experiments that can be completed at home. Why not try one today? Take a look at the PDFs attached at the bottom of this page and choose which one you would like to do first.

Extracurricular activities

At Woodlands, we are proud of our budding, young scientists! Each Tuesday we have a KS1 Science club to further our learning of materials and their properties. We have experimented with wax crayons, water paint, salt and water. We have conducted lots of different investigations from growing our own rainbow to creating an underwater picture.

See below just a few examples of our learning;