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What is the sen register?

The SEN Register is the record schools keep of all the children who may need additional support in their learning because they are experiencing some difficulties with their learning.  Some children are on the SEN Register for only a short time, some will need support for a few years and others will remain on it throughout their time at school.

With some children their area of difficulty is clear.  With other children it is less clear and may need more investigation but school, parents or external agencies may feel additional support needs to be put in place.

This will be in the form of an Individual Support Plan (ISP). This is reviewed and reset 3 times a year.

Children can be placed on the SEN Register because they have difficulties in any of these areas:

  • Communication and Interaction Difficulties  (includes Autistic Spectrum Disorder).
  • Cognition and Learning Difficulties (includes dyslexia).
  • Social, Emotional or Mental Health Difficulties (includes behavioural difficulties).
  • Sensory or Physical Difficulties  (includes Hearing or Visual Impairment).

There are two different stages of need on the SEN Register. They are called:

SEN Support


Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)