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Become authors of your own story

Our Vision     

At Woodlands, we relentlessly strive to be 'Outstanding in All' in order to provide the best opportunities for the children in the community we serve.

We believe in a truly inclusive school where there are no barriers to participation and learning. We are ambitious in our drive to ensure all children achieve the highest outcomes. At Woodlands we believe in working collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders to enable all children to succeed.

We want our Woodlands writers to...

  • Write freely and passionately;
  • Develop rich language and communication skills;
  • Have the necessary tools to access the curriculum and to become literate individuals;
  • Be able to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills between subject areas;
  • Recognise the value of writing and communicating effectively;
  • Be able to continue their literacy development throughout their school career.


Writing Progress Across the School from Reception to Year 6


           Reception                   Year 1                       Year 2                       Year 3



                        Year 4                               Year 5                               Year 6