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Woodlands Primary School is part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. We review our policies throughout the year to ensure they remain legally compliant and in line with wider Trust policies. Trust policies, including the Complaints Procedure and Whistleblowing Procedure, can be downloaded here.

Official Trust documents, including financial information and the Gender Pay Report, can be found under official Trust documents here.

Below are the schools policies that have been reviewed by the Local Governing Body. 

If you have any questions please write to the clerk to the governing body, Lynne Baylis at



  1. Download
    Admission Arrangements for 2022-23.pdf
  2. Download
    Admissions Policy 2021/2022.pdf
  3. Download
    Admissions Policy 2022/2023.pdf
  4. Download
    Anti Bullying Policy 2021-22.pdf
  5. Download
    Anti-Radicalisation Policy.pdf
  6. Download
    Attendance Policy.pdf
  7. Download
    Behaviour Policy 2021-22.pdf
  8. Download
    Catch-Up Premium Strategy.pdf
  9. Download
    Communications & Complaints Policy.pdf
  10. Download
    Complaints Procedure.pdf
  11. Download
    Curriculum policy.pdf
  12. Download
    Data Compliance and Data Retention Policy.pdf
  13. Download
    Data Compliance and Protection Policy .pdf
  14. Download
    Data Compliance and Subject Access Request Procedure .pdf
  15. Download
    Data Compliance Policy.pdf
  16. Download
    Debt Policy .pdf
  17. Download
    Charging and Remissions policy .pdf
  18. Download
    Debt Policy Reminder Letter Examples .pdf
  19. Download
    Equalities Policy .pdf
  20. Download
    Equality Incident Reporting SEIR.pdf
  21. Download
    Exclusions Procedure.pdf
  22. Download
    DRAFT Feedback and Marking .pdf
  23. Download
    Finance Policy and Procedures .pdf
  24. Download
    First Aid Policy .pdf
  25. Download
    GLT Exclusions Procedures.pdf
  26. Download
    Health & Safety Policy .pdf
  27. Download
    Medical & Social Form .pdf
  28. Download
    Medical Needs Policy .pdf
  29. Download
    Modern Slavery Policy Statement .pdf
  30. Download
    Nursery Admissions Policy.pdf
  31. Download
    Remote Learning Policy.pdf
  32. Download
    DRAFT RSE policy .pdf
  33. Download
    Social and Medical Application Form.pdf
  34. Download
    2021 - 22 Woodlands Primary School SEN policy and report.docx.pdf
  35. Download
    2021-22 Woodlands Accessibility Plan.pdf
  36. Download
    Publication Scheme .pdf
  37. Download
    Safeguarding policy.pdf
  38. Download
    SEND information report covid 19 June updated.pdf
  39. Download
    Student Welfare policy .pdf
  40. Download
    Teaching and Learning Policy.pdf
  41. Download
    Trust Complaints procedure .pdf
  42. Download
    Woodlands Primary Uniform Policy .pdf